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Form Properties changes in GeneXus 9.0


We have grouped the Form Control Properties changes in the following groups:
  • Attributes and Variables
  • Grid
  • Buttons
  • Text Blocks

Attributes and Variables

New properties:
Property Comment
Input Type more information
InstantiatedAttributes more information
Conditions more information
Suggest more information
FilterOperator more information
CaseSensitive more information
SuggestMaxItems more information
EmptyAsNull more information
IsPassword only for edit controls
Display only for Blob type controls
ContentType only for Blob type controls
LinkTarget only for Blob type controls when the Display property has the Link value.
ImeMode more information
EmptyItem when using Dynamic Combo\List Boxes
EmptyItemText when using Dynamic Combo\List Boxes
UseAutomation only for ExcelDocument data type

Property name changes:
Property New name Comment
Autocomplete EnableHistory Only for edit controls more information

Property value changes:
Property Value Detail
BackColor Windows Background New default value (old default value = White)

Grid Properties

New properties:
Property Comment
Enable History in Grid Coumns

Property value changes:
Property Value Detail
ReadOnly Changes from group Appearance to Behaviour
Rows 0 New default value (in transactions 5, in Web Panels 0)

Other considerations:
Control Type property now has a CheckBox value available for enumerated type-based attributes/variables.


New properties:
Property Comment

Deleted properties:
Property Comment
AccessKey The property has been deprecated. Use the & character to define the shortcut. more information

Text Blocks

New properties:
Group Property Comment
Caption more information
Appearance Fill more information
  BackColor more information
  ForeColor more information
  Font more information

For other properties changes, check the GeneXus 9.0 Properties Section
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