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In previous versions, the Help Generator analyzed all objects of the Knowledge Base in each generation, which implied long generation times even if only one object was modified. In this version, help can be generated only for those objects that have been modified since the last help generation.


In some Knowledge Bases with large numbers of objects, attributes and variables, the help generation process could take considerable time. Until now, all help generations lasted the same because all objects, attributes and variables were analyzed in each process.

In the new version you can tell the help generator to process only those objects, as well as their attributes and variables, which have been modified since the last help generation.

After choosing the Build -> Generate Help option, a wizard is displayed for you to provide information about the help generation.
First, choose the type of help that you want to create: CHM or WEB (HTML). As from this version you also have to choose which objects will be analyzed to generate the new help.

The possible values for this option are as follows:
  • Generate help for all objects: all objects, attributes and variables will be analyzed.
  • Only for objects modified after last help generation: only those objects that have been modified since the last generation will be considered.

HTML Files New Options

New options have been added to the third step of the Help Generator Wizard, where you set a number of properties for the generated HTML files.

Object descriptions can now be set as page titles in the generated help files. This feature allows you to have more complete and clear help files using the object properties that have already been defined in the KB.
Another option that has been added is the possibility to format the cross reference links of the See Also section. They can now be grouped in a comma-separated list or in a table. If table mode is selected for the See Also section, the number of columns must also be indicated; this number ranges from 1 to 6.


If the help application has never been generated, the new help type option is disabled because you need to analyze all objects of the Knowledge Base the first time it is generated.

Please note that when you select 'Modified after last help generation,' all objects that were modified (any modification) since the last generation are considered regardless of whether the object's help was modified or not (the same applies to help about the object attributes and variables).

From now on, when help is generated, two files are created in the help files folder:
- ObjectListHelp.gxl with a list of objects that have help defined or some variable help defined.
- ObjectListNoHelp.gxl with a list of objects that do not have any help.
These files can have many uses, and are very useful for the new help import feature.

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