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From the new version of GeneXus, it is possible to import objects help. Therefore, this help could be designed outside GeneXus Development Environment and then imported to the Knowledge Base to be generated in CHM or HTML type.


In many cases is desired for the application to have a very friendly and complete help system. In order to make this possible, software developers delegate the task of help design to other professionals, like web designers.
This developing schema was not possible in an easy way in previous versions of GeneXus because objects had to be fully exported and imported between the developers and help designers. From now, you can import only help information of the objects to the Knowledge Base without interfere with the developer work.

A new option named Import Help File ... was included in the Tools menu. This option will be available in design, prototype and production models.
When the option is selected a dialog asking for a GeneXus List file (gxl file) is displayed like the following picture shows. Language of the imported help has to be indicated too.

Help will be imported for all objects listed in the GeneXus List file or, using Advanced>> button, a smaller set of objects of the list could be selected to import their help.

GeneXus List extended format

GeneXus List files (gxl files) are already used to Load objects in Open Object dialogs. In order to use this kind of files for help import, some modification have been made to the format of the file.

Basic gxl format is :

Some tags were added to the basic format in order to use gxl files in help import

The information added to the file is :
  • Information about object variables (<Variable> tag)
  • Topic information to be used in CHM Help generation (<TopicId> and <TopicNumber> tags)
  • Help file information (<HelpFileName> tag). If this tag is not present, help will be imported from a HTML file named like TopicId value and located in the same folder than the gxl file.


The following command has been added in order to perform help import with GXpublic.

Command : Import Help
Syntax : import help to <nModelId> @<GxlFile> with (LangId=<ObjLngId>)

              where :
              <nModelId> : model number
              <GxlFile> : objets list
              <ObjLngId> : language id

If no ObjLngId is specified, help will be imported for the default language.



- Tip : a easy way to obtain the GeneXus List file to be used in the help import is use the gxl files generated in the help generation process (ObjectsHelp.gxl y ObjectNoHelp.gxl)

- HTML filed containing objects help are fully imported, that is, references to styles are conserved, but this styles settings are not viewed in help section of the objects in the GeneXus Devepment Envoronment.

- Information about Title Section and See Also Section is also conserved including the case when an import is made. Consequently, keep in mind that this information will be added to the imported HTML files when help generation is performed.

- When help is imported in prototype or production models, if object last update is newer in design model, object help will not be replaced in design.

- Importing help from non-HTML files is not recommended. See SAC 19567

Errors reported

The following SACs were fixed and will be included in Upgrade 1 of GeneXus 9.0 Development Environment.

SAC 19566 Attribute help import does not work
SAC 19586 Help imported is not present in the object
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