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GAMRepository property allows indicating whether the session statistics information will be stored to query it afterward.



No information about session statistics is going to be stored.

Minimum (Only authenticated users)

Only the session statistics information for non-anonymous users is stored.

Detail (Authenticated and Anonymous users)

Anonymous users also generate session statistics information.

Full Log (Authenticated and Anonymous users) Additional information is generated in the session statistics tables. See FullLog property.


The GAMRepositoryConfiguration web panel (located in GAM Example Folder) shows an example.

Generate Session Statistics image

The way to use it in GeneXus code (by using the GAM API) is as follows:

&Repository.GenerateSessionStatistics  = &GenerateSessionStatistics 
//&Repository is GAMRepository data type.
//GAMGenerateSessionStatistics domain : (None, Minimum, Detail, Full)


1. With Anonymous users, we are referring to Auto register anonymous users or Anonymous Users in Web Applications.

2. If UserRememberMeType property is different than none, the Generate Session Statistics GAMRepository property must be set to a value different than None also.

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