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This document will explain what a Single User License (or Nominated License as called in older versions) is and the operations that can be performed to them. 

When a product using a Single User License is used1, users for each one of the assigned licenses must be registered for them to be able to use the product. For this, the License Manager must be executed, the corresponding product must be selected and the users must be entered by means of the Allowed Users button. It will only be possible to add as many users as the number of authorized licenses.

Note1: You can know if a Single User License is installed using the License Manager:

  • When you authorize the product the Allowed Users dialog appear automatically.
  • In “Restriction” column appears Single User License (or “Nominated License” for older versions) information, with the amount of unassigned users.
  • Allow User button is enabled only when you select a product with Single User Licenses.

As of this point of the document we will be using the nominated user term refering to a user included in the list of Allowed users, and nominate to refer when a user is included in that list.

Allowed Users

This button is only available when you select a product that uses Single User Licenses. By pressing it, you will be able to visualize and/or nominate new users.


  1. The user must correspond to the one used in the product Login.
  2. It is possible to change the nomination of a license provided if is not for shared use (see Change option).

In the following example, a license is entered for 6 nominated users. There are 3 assigned licenses and the other 3 ones are not assigned.



It allows nominating a new user manually.


It allows loading the list of nominated users from an XML file. This is useful when the users are already defined, for instances, in the application where they are used, so that there is no need to enter them manually, one by one.
The XML file must have the following format:

       <User>nombre de usuario 1</User>
       <User>nombre de usuario 2</User>
       <User>nombre de usuario 3</User>

If the number of users contained in the XML file is higher than the number of licenses that are not nominated, a dialog will appear where it is possible to select the users to be nominated.  The following message will be previously shown “There is more users in the file than unassigned ones in the license, please select which ones to add in the following dialog”.


A counter is included in the left-hand corner that, while users are selected, will indicate the number of users that can still be selected.


It allows saving the list of nominated users in an XML file, with the previously indicated format.


It allows changing a nominated user. Basically, an Uninstall/Reauthorize is carried out.

Single User License Transfer

Single User Licenses transference is similar to the one of the concurrent licenses. The difference is that in this case the user(s) to be transferred must be indicated in the transference dialog.


If there are licenses which have not been nominated yet (they have no assigned user) it is possible to transfer one of these licenses indicating the number of copies without selecting the user.

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