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When creating a User Controls library, the best approach is to group all the library controls under the same directory, instead of a directory for each control.

For example, in this case where are using the Kendo UI library to create a user control.

First of all, you need to download the Kendo UI library (which requires registration).

Secondly, create a directory structure like the following, where the Kendo files that you have just downloaded will be located under the kendo\javascripts, and kendo\styles folder.

  • KendoUI
  • controls
  • DatePicker
  • kendo
  • javascripts (js)
  • styles (css)

Each control’s code will be located under the controls directory, in a separate folder. In this case it is the DatePicker user control.

As mentioned before, the KendoUI library files will be located under the kendo directory.

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