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This Structured Data Type (SDT) object is needed to set up Proximity Alerts for Native Mobile applications. 


Name Type Description
Name Character(50) Specifies the Name of the Alert.
Description Character(50) Description of the Alert.
GeoLocation Geolocation Center of the region which will fire the Alert.
Radius Numeric(4.0) A user moves within or beyond a set distance from a location.
ExpirationTime DateTime Date and time for the alert to expire. The Alert will not be fired after this.
ActionName (optional) Character(50)

Action to execute if the Alert is fired.
If specified, the specified action is raised and the GetCurrentProximityAlert can be used in the event associated with the action.
If no action is specified a message with the Description of the alert is the default behavior.

Note: Each 'Name' of the collection must be unique. If there's any repeated value, the application will take the last one inserted.

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