Unofficial Content

It is now possible to submit personal feedback about the content of the Wiki. Specifically, feedback submission is available for Article, Category, KB, Spreadsheet, and Table of Content pages.  The goal is to receive comments and suggestions from everyday users of the wiki, in order to improve the overall quality of the documents, and enhance the user experience.



The feedback received is treated with utmost privacy. Only admins of the wiki will have access to this information, and it will only be used in a constructive manner. Nevertheless, feedback about a document could also be positive, so that documents with numerous positive ratings can be used as examples of good documentation. 



Feedback can be submitted either anonymously or under your GXTechnical user name in case you are logged in.  It help us greatly to associate the feedback recorded to a specific user, since the user could eventually be contacted to kindly ask him for more information, or for feedback on a newer version of a document the user previously rated.

In case the feedback is submitted anonymously, then no information about the author is recorded whatsoever.

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