HowTo:Using more than one jquery version

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As of Evolution 3, GeneXus distributes jquery 1.9.1 and uses this jquery version for the generated applications.

When you develop a User Control, it is recommended to use the same jquery version distributed by GeneXus if possible, so it isn't necessary to include and reference another one.

If this isn't possible because of the requirements of the user control being developed, the jquery has to be disambiguated to avoid conflicts.

GeneXus disambiguates the jquery used, with the namespace "gx", by the following code:

 gx.$ = jquery.noconflict()

If you need to use another jquery version, it is advisable to use the same criterion.


Consider a user control named "MyUserControl". 
In the HTML header, the following scripts are included:

1. jquery distributed by GeneXus
2. javascript of "MyUserControl"
3. jquery used by "MyUserControl"

Using the $ alias, you cannot be sure which is the jquery which is being referenced, so the recommendation is to use the noconflict jquery method to disambiguate:

function MyUserControl()
// Inside here use MyUserControl.$ instead of $

MyUserControl.$ = jQuery.noConflict()

Follow this link to know more about the topic.

For another useful link, click here.


If you need to know if the jquery being used is the one distributed by GeneXus, run the following command line in the javascript console: