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The Updater utility is distributed with the GXextension SDK under the Tools folder. It is used to copy a list of files to a specified directory.

You can use this utility to copy files to a GeneXus installation after a Build is done using the Post Build events section.


Updater <XmlFile> <RootDir> <TargetDir> <Configuration> [/CleanTarget]


<XmlFile>: name of the xml that contains the file list.
<RootDir>: base directory where the files in the <XmlFiles> are relative to.
<TargetDir>: target directory.
<Configuration>: solution configuration (Debug or Release).
/CleanTarget: makes the updates to delete each specified files and directories from the <TargetDir>


Use the following code in the Post-build event command line option within the "Build Events" Visual Studio solution

"$(GX_SDK_DIR)\Tools\Updater" ..\..\Catalog.xml ..\..\ "$(GX_PROGRAM_DIR)"\ $(Configuration)

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