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The PDFReport.ini file is a configuration file used to generate PDF files. It is located in the directory where the report is executed (webapp\WEB-INF folder for Java) and is automatically generated when executing a report if it is not present. Make sure the file encoding is UTF8; otherwise, it may cause problems reading font parameters.

It includes the following configuration entries:

ComplianceLevel Allows you to specify whether the generated PDF document should comply with the standards and guidelines set by the PDF/A-1a or PDF/A-1b standard (pdf_a1a or pdf_a1b). 
Barcode128AsImage Boolean indicating whether to generate a Barcode128 font type as an Image (Default value true).
Embed Fonts Boolean indicating whether to embed the fonts; check 'Embedded Fonts' Section (Default false).
SearchNewFonts Boolean indicating whether the fonts must be searched if they are not in the INI when embedding them (Default false).
SearchNewFontsOnce Boolean indicating that the fonts must be searched just once if they are not found (Default true).
Version Defines the PDFReport version (a.b.c.d format) (Default
FontsLocation Defines the fonts' location (Default ".").
LeftMargin Defines the left margin associated with the document (in centimeters) (Default 0.75).
TopMargin Defines the top margin associated with the document (in centimeters) (Default 0.75).
BottomMargin Defines the bottom margin associated with the document (in centimeters) (Default 6).
OutputFileDirectory If the path is not specified in GeneXus report output_File, the outputDirectory is considered (Default ".").
DottedStyle Dotted Style value (Default 1;2).
LineCapProjectingSquare Line position in reports as design (Default true).
LongDotDashedStyle Long dot Dashed Style value (Default 6;2;1;2).
ServerPrinting Boolean indicating whether to print the PDF in the application server (Default false).
AdjustToPaper Boolean indicating whether fit to page is enabled (Default true).
Leading Defines the separation between each row (Default 2).
DashedStyle Dashed Style value (Default value 4;2).
LongDashedStyle Long Dashed Style value (Default value 6;2).

DEBUG information will be added to the Standard Output (stdout)  (Default false)
It shows information such as the following:

GxSetDocName: 'report.pdf'

setPageLines: 999

setLineHeight: 15


\-> Font: Helvetica (8) BOLD

\-> Fore (0, 0, 0)

\-> Back (255, 255, 255)


'Embed Fonts' Section

A boolean is associated with each font name. This boolean defines whether or not to embed the font (for the finest General Property granularity). To embed a font, the generalProperty and the property of this section must have 'true' value. To set the fonts to embedded you can execute 'com.genexus.reports.PDFReportConfig' utility class.

Note that a Font and its Bold type (or other variations) are considered different so you need to reference both separately if you want to embed them.


[Embeed Fonts]
Microsoft Sans Serif= true
Microsoft Sans Serif,Bold= true
Microsoft Sans Serif,BoldItalic= true
Microsoft Sans Serif,Italic= true


'Fonts Location (Sun)' Section

The 'FontName= location of the associated .ttf' mappings are stored. These mappings are automatically created; when you use non-standard fonts, make sure to check the correct configuration.

Java Example

[Fonts Location (Sun)]
Microsoft Sans Serif= c:\windows\fonts\micross.ttf
Microsoft Sans Serif,Italic= c:\windows\fonts\micross.ttf

.NET Example

[Fonts Location (MS)]
Microsoft Sans Serif= c:\windows\fonts\micross.ttf
Microsoft Sans Serif,Bold= c:\windows\fonts\micross.ttf
Microsoft Sans Serif,BoldItalic= c:\windows\fonts\micross.ttf

'Fonts Substitutions' Section

'Font= Font' pairs mapping a font within others are stored. E.g.: you can set 'Impact= Courier' to map one TrueTypeFont within another. You can also map a font in a Type1; e.g.: 'Impact= Helvetica'. These mappings can be performed by the user.


Every time you modify the pdfreport.ini file, make sure to restart the application server as this configuration is read only once at application startup. For C# you can modify the web.config file so the application is recycled; for Tomcat or any other application server, restart the service.

How to deploy a custom "PDFReport.ini", "GXPRN.ini" or "PDFReport.template"?

To make sure GeneXus is including in the deploy process a modified: ReportPDF.ini, GXPRN.ini or PDFReport.template, add it as a kb file. Then set the property "Extract for ... generator" to "true". 

That way, the files will be included in the deployment even if you don't add them to a DeploymentUnit.

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