Reverse Engineering Checkings when executed integrated to GeneXus

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When the Database Reverse Engineering tool is executed within the GeneXus IDE; some extra checking are done in the current Knowledge Base regarding the physical model (Tables, Data view, Attributes, Indices and so on).


Warning: The table is in the {0} and it was used in the analysis

When selecting a Table, DBRet will check if the table has a Data View in the current KB and was not selected in the DBRet Wizard Step #2 and is related to the selection.
For example, if it is referenced in the selection extended table as Foreign Key.

Warning: The table exists in the {0}, it will be overwritten

There is an existing Data view in the current Knowledge Base; the user selected again the same table to be imported.

Warning: The table doesn't have primary key

The selected database table does not have a Primary Key; the user will need to select a Primary Key to be imported in the KB.

Warning: The attribute/s ({0}) were chosen as primary key

The attributes detailed in {0} were chosen as primary key as there is a unique index containing them.

Warning: The attribute {0} is auto number and was chosen as primary key

The selected attribute is autonumber.

Warning: {0} is a FK to {1} but it's not selected

Table {1} was not selected in the table list.

Warning: ({0}) is a foreign key, but there's no index for the attribute/s

The selected Index partially contains the selected attributes.

Warning: The index \"{0}\" was ignored. It has the same composition of {1}

Indices with the same composition are ignored.

Warning: The attribute {0} was not found, the index {1} was ignored

Indices with attributes without Name or Key are discarded.

Warning: The Index {0} was marked as unique because it is a primary key Index

The selected index is Primary Key and not duplicate.

Warning: The type {0} is not supported

The selected attribute type is not supported.