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Deprecated Microsoft has deprecated the EWS API and should not be used anymore. Please use SMTPSession and Pop3Session with Oauth to access a Exchange Mailbox.

To read and send messages using Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 or Office 365, you can use the following API.


  • ServerUrl: Character
    Exchange Server URL. If it is empty, the API tries to find a server based on the UserName.
  • UserName: Character
    Email of the user as defined in the Exchange Server
  • Password: Character
  • AttachDir: Character
    Attached files will be saved here. If it is empty, the attachments will not be downloaded.
  • Count: Numeric
    Total number of messages or number of unread messages depending on the NewMessages property.
  • NewMessages: bool
    True: (Default) Only unread emails are read
    False: All emails are read
  • SetProperty(Character key, Character value)
    Allows setting a property and its associated value. It may be used, for example, to set the Exchange Server version.
  • ErrCode: Numeric
  • ErrDescription: Character


  • Login()
    Starts the connection with the Exchange Server.
  • Logout()
    Ends the connection with the Exchange Server. 
  • Receive(MailMessage): Numeric
    Downloads the message from the server. Returns 0 if it succeeded. By default, it downloads the message from the 'Inbox' folder.
  • Send(MailMessage): Numeric
  • Delete(MailMessage): Numeric
  • MarkAs(MailMessage, IsRead): Numeric

IsRead = true. Mark the message as Read. IsRead = false, marks the message as unread. 

  • GetMailMessage(MsgId, Boolean FetchEntireMessage, MailMessage): Numeric

Gets the MailMessage with the MsgId specified. FetchEntireMessage indicates if MailMessage must be downloaded completely (subject, body, attachments) from server. 

  • ChangeFolder(Character): Numeric
    Changes the folder for the next Receive() operations. Backlashes must be used to refer to Subfolders (e.g., 'Folder1\Subfolder11\Subfolder111')

Error Codes



0 Ok
5 Could not change folder
10 Could not send message
11 No messages to receive
15 Invalid Attachment
16 Could not save attachment
22 Error receiving message
24 Authentication Error
27 Mail Message with Id not found

Sample to receive new Emails:

Event 'ReceiveMails'
    Do 'Login'
    if (&GXMailExchange.ErrCode = 0)
        &MailMessage = new()
        do while (&GXMailExchange.Receive(&MailMessage) = 0)
            &MailMessageSDT.Subject = &MailMessage.Subject
            &MailMessageSDT.From = Format(!"%1 (%2)", &MailMessage.From.Name, &MailMessage.From.Address)
            if (not &MailMessage.Text.IsEmpty())
                &MailMessageSDT.Body = &MailMessage.Text
                &MailMessageSDT.Body = &MailMessage.HTMLText
            &MailMessageSDT.DateReceived = &MailMessage.DateReceived
            &MailMessageSDT.DateSent = &MailMessage.DateSent
            for &attach in &MailMessage.Attachments
            //Mark As Read
            &GXMailExchange.MarkAs(&MailMessage, true)        
            //Delete Message
            &MailMessageSDT = new()
            &MailMessage = new()
        msg(!"Error: " + &GXMailExchange.ErrDescription)                

Sub 'Login'
    &GXMailExchange.SetProperty(ExchangeVersion.Property, &ExchangeVersion)
    &GXMailExchange.ServerUrl = &ServerUrl.Trim()
    &GXMailExchange.UserName = &UserName.Trim()
    &GXMailExchange.Password = &Password.Trim()
    &GXMailExchange.AttachDir = &AttachDir.Trim()
    &GXMailExchange.NewMessages = &FetchNewMessagesOnly


  • &GXMailExchange variable data type is GXMailExchange (External Object)



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