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GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services is a solution that allows you to deploy your systems in a simple, cost-effective, safe and scalable way.
From the infrastructure design and initial deployment stages, it provides automation and traceability features in all the system upgrade cycles. In this way, it ensures that your applications will be able to adapt to emerging needs with no delays or complications, and at reasonable costs.

Key features


GeneXus Cloud Team helps you to design the required infrastructure in the Cloud and configure it properly (for production purposes!) to hold your applications safely. Furthermore, it is configured so that it can receive deployments and install new versions of your applications whenever you need. 

Deployment Automation

Several components extend GeneXus to automatically validate, package, transfer and publish your application to your Cloud.

Deployment Management and Traceability

These components feature History of Deployments, Revert of already deployed version, Deployments log & diff, Start & Stop of Web app/Virtual Directory, Databases catalog, Backup / Restore of databases, Scheduled backups, etc.

Get Started

Go to http://www.genexus.com/cloud and browse the plans available. Next, contact the GeneXus Cloud team to select the option that best meets your needs. Once you have selected a plan and are ready to get started, the GeneXus Cloud team sets up the environment on the cloud. Meanwhile, download and install the GeneXus Cloud Tools to deploy your solution from your GeneXus installation. You may also deploy a sample application using GeneXus Cloud Sandbox just to test and understand better.

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