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It is a set of services, part of the GeneXus Cloud Components of GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services.

When requested by the GeneXus Cloud Manager, it mainly has to install and update the one or many apps that run in that server.

It is installed in every Instance (Virtual Machine in an IAAS cloud) that holds a Web Application Server.

Depending if you request GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services Provisioning or not, the Instances are prepared by the GeneXus Cloud Team or by yourself. In the first case, the setup of the Instances with the GeneXus Cloud Units is done by the GeneXus Cloud Team. 

Setting up Instances by yourself

In this case, you have to do the following

For .Net environment:

GeneXus Cloud Unit Setup on Windows Server

For Java environment

GeneXus Cloud Unit Setup on Linux Server 


3) Send the following data to GeneXus Cloud Team

  • Public URL of the instance (e.g.: http://myapps.company.com )
  • Public IP
  • DBMS instance name.
  • DBMS User and Password created in step 2.
  • GeneXus Accounts that are allowed to deploy

And after that, the GeneXus Cloud Team configures the GeneXus Cloud Manager so that you can deploy using that accounts.

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