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This document explains how to manage and set Xcode versions to be used by GeneXus when building applications for Apple platforms.

Compatibility and Selection

Each GeneXus version/Upgrade has a set of compatible Xcode versions, as explained in Apple Requirements. In addition, you may have several versions of Xcode installed on your Mac computer. You may also use the Required Xcode version property to control the Xcode version used by GeneXus.

When building an application for Apple platforms, the following process is used by GeneXus to find a compatible Xcode version:

  1. It checks if the version specified by the Command Line Tools setting in Xcode is compatible with the version required by the object being compiled.

  2. For each version of Xcode installed on the Mac (the order in which versions are searched for is indeterminate):

    • If a version is compatible with the object being compiled, it uses this version and stops the search process.

  3. If no compatible version is found, an error message is shown.

Warning: To successfully retrieve the Xcode versions installed on the Mac, the filename of each Xcode version must not include spaces.

Setting a preferred Xcode version

Using the Required Xcode version property in GeneXus (recommended approach):

Set the property to the Xcode version string (e.g.: 15.0) for each native mobile Main Object that requires a specific Xcode version.

An empty value will result in GeneXus using the first Xcode version according to the process explained in the previous session.

Using the Command Line Tools setting in Xcode (not recommended):

View Apple's official documentation (under the header "Select a version of the Xcode app for the Xcode command-line tools to use")

Note that GeneXus will use that version only if it is compatible with it. Otherwise, the search explained in the previous section will take place.

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