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This article is an overview of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 6 new features and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Main features

This new Upgrade includes the possibility to convert a GXplorer6.0 metadata to a GXquery 4.0 metadata. For more information, please refer to HowTo: Convert metadata from GXplorer 6.0 to GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 6.

The new property Calculation Group is now available. The property allows users to have more control to determine the navigation aspects of complex Queries. 

Administrate user sessions had never been so easy, now Administrators users are allowed to manage and kill other users sessions using the Sessions option as described in Working with sessions in GXquery.


26/5/2016 - GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 6 has been released! (build 615)


New features

  • An Administrator user can log in when all licenses are taken. For more information see SAC#38717
  • Sharing Queries fixes. For more information see SAC#38727
  • Parameters in the header of a Query are not replaced by the right values. For more information see SAC#38728
  • New property: Calculation Group. For more information see SAC#39440
  • All active sessions are killed when the Application Pool starts. For more information see SAC#38799
  • For an Administrator user, it's possible to kill other users session. For more information see SAC#38805
  • Performance improvements: expression editor works faster.
  • Metadata conversion from GXplorer 6.0 to GXquery 4.0. For more information see SAC#39463
  • New aggregations possibilities: grouping by some attribute before applying the aggregation function. For more information see SAC#39404


  • Actual page EditBox shows the correct page if the Query has more than 999 pages as a result. For more information see SAC#39446
  • Empty Date attributes are displayed correctly if the Query is executed using GXquery Add-in for Microsoft Office Excel. For more information see SAC#39448
  • Filters with <Attribute> LIKE &Parameters works correctly. For more information see SAC#39451
  • Charts with more than one series are shown correctly if the Query is executed using GXquery Add-in for Microsoft Office Excel. For more information see SAC#39452
  • Filters with <Atribute>+"-"+<Attribute> in [<Value> to <Value>] syntax works properly. For more information see SAC#39401
  • Query syntax fixes. For more information see SAC#39425


There are no known compatibility issues to take into account when updating from GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 5


Details can be found at,0,,0;5;4.0;5;6;;



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