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Creates a Data Provider object associated with the Transaction containing in its source the Transaction structure declared. You have to complete the desired data to be assigned to the Transaction attributes.




Objects: Transaction


This property is offered under the 'Data' properties group available for Transactions:


Default value: False. 

When the Data Provider property value is set to True:

  1. GeneXus creates a Data Provider object (named: TransactionName_DataProvider) with the Transaction structure in its source so that you can quickly fill the desired data to be loaded into the Transaction attributes:


           The previous Data Provider could be completed with fixed data or with attributes, to load all the available promotions.

       2. The Used To property is added to the group, as shown below: 


            It is important to read about the Used to property because it works together with the Data Provider property, in order to implement the whole behavior.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design-time.


This property is available since GeneXus 15.

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