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New Features

There are some interface changes also, related to the distribution of buttons, and the availability of some actions. The Theme used is Carmine.
The menu has important changes, it is designed differently using the Action Group of GeneXus 15.

Compatibility Notes

  • A reorganization is done to GAM - Database version 4.0.2.
  • The name of the Role must be unique. There can't be two different roles with the same name.
  • A change was made in the following APIs, such that they do not filter anymore using the "%" wildcard. As a consequence, the programmer needs to add this wildcard in the code. The GAM examples already have the necessary changes in the code.
  • GetAllRoles
  • GetAllApplications
  • GAMGetApplicationPermissions
  • GetAllAuthenticationTypes
  • GetAllRepositoryConnections
  • GetAllRepositories
  • GAMGetRolePermissions
  • GAMGivenRoleIdGetChildrenFilter
  • GetAllSecurityPolicies
  • GetAllUsersOrderBy

Example code:

    &Filter.Name        = !"%" + &Search 
    &Filter.Limit = &RolesXPage
    &Filter.Start = (&CurrentPage-1) * &Filter.Limit +1
    For &Role in GAMRepository.GetRoles(&Filter, &Errors)
​       ....................
  • Some GAM example objects have been renamed, e.g: GAMExampleEntryApplication was renamed to GAMExampleApplicationEntry.

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