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In some scenarios you may deploy to an existing database, that is to say, you want to deploy a new app that connects to a database that has already been deployed and is in production in association with another application

Let' suppose KB1 deployed App1 which is a Web app. For some reason, KB1 does not contain the SD app, and KB2 (which has the same Database Schema) wants to deploy App2.  

You need to set up an environment and set Reorganize server tables property to No. In this case when deploying you will be prompted to select a database from a list of your current databases in the cloud.

GXcloud will deploy then the app without creating a new database, but connecting to the selected one.

Now let's suppose you are using GAM.
As you set Reorganize server tables property to No, GXcloud infers that also the GAM database is shared among the apps. Make sure that Repository ID and credentials are identical so that the deployed app can connect to the GAM. Be careful: If Keep GAM database updated property is set to True, GXcloud lets you upload a new GAM Package (This is necessary for example if KB1 does not have the SD application you want to deploy with KB2) and then impacts the GAM database. Set Keep GAM database updated property to False if you do not want to touch GAM the database.

In all scenarios, GeneXus gets the database credentials from the cloud so you don't have to worry about them.

Note that this works also if KB2 is just a different Version and/or Environment of KB1.

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