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Using GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services you will be able to deploy your applications to the Cloud, and manage those deployments.

In order to deploy, there are some steps to do.

Prerequisites (one-time steps)

  1. Subscribe to a plan at http://www.genexus.com/cloud
  2. Cloud and Deployment Target Setup.
    Depending the plan, you or the GeneXus Cloud Team prepares one or more Servers installing GeneXus Cloud Unit on them.
  3. The GXcloud Team configures a Cloud and a Deployment Target on GeneXus Cloud Manager. They also grant your GeneXus Account access to that Cloud.
  4. You may grant access to the GeneXus Accounts corresponding to your teammates.
    Those users will be able to Deploy using GeneXus Cloud Tools, manage deployments using GXcloud Manager Console on that Cloud.

Now your Cloud is ready for Deployment. Follow up reading Deployment with GXcloud Deployment Services.


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