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Blobs - FileName Property (runtime property)

The FileName property is a readonly property, which allows to know the name of the file associated to a blob.

When uploading the file, it returns the name of the file which is being uploaded.
For instance, if you have the following rule in a web transaction:

msg('The uploaded file is ' + Attblob.FileName + '.' + Attblob.FileType) if not Attblob.isempty() on aftervalidate;

When uploading the file, Attblob.FileName returns the actual file name.

On the contrary, in the moment of downloading a file (if it is in a webpanel for instance), the value returned by the property is based on the value stored in the FileNameAttribute exclusively. This  is because the blob by  itself doesn´t store any other information than the binary file. It doesn´t store the extension or the name of the file.


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