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GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services have been announced in September 2015, at the #GX25 (http://www.genexus.com/gx25).
Since then, their different components have been updated several times and the product as a whole evolved enormously.

This is a Log of the most important updates.

January 3rd, 2018, GXcloud Manager version 1.14.754

Stability fixes and internal refactoring for upcoming support of Staging and Deployment using Docker Containers.

January 3rd, 2018, GXcloud Extension version

Minor update that improves upload performance and resolves a timeout issue https://marketplace.genexus.com/product.aspx?genexuscloudtools,en

September 14th, 2017, GXcloud Extension version

This version update is highly recommended for those who deploy applications. It contains significant calculation improvements and optimizes space and performance.

July 2017, GXcloud Manager version 1.11.668

  • fixes to backup restore and download options
  • several performance improvements

May 23rd, 2017, GXcloud Manager version 1.10.622

  • Stability improvements related to git & branches mechanisms and to deployment in general.

March 3rd, 2017, GXcloud Manager version 1.9.628

  • fixes and improvements to Diff and other UI improvements
  • Support for custom Temp Media Directory, Blob local storage
  • Support for empty Java Package Name
  • Improvements to information displayed in output window while doing F6
  • fixes to backup mechanisms

January 5th, 2017, GXcloud version 1.9.1

  • It now supports the deployment of Java applications with an empty value in the Java Package Name property 

January 3rd, 2017, GXcloud Tools, GXcloud Unit 1.9

  • Cloud Tools (IDE) uploads Impact Analysis Report to Cloud Manager
  • Cloud Unit: fixes related to git handling and MySQL backup / revert

January 2nd, 2017, GXcloud version 1.9 (GXcloud Tools

  • Cloud Manager
    • Application's History shows who made what change
    • Application's History shows changes to Data (Reorganizations, Workflow Impact, GAM Impact) separately
    • It tracks changes (using GIT) of Reorganizations, Workflow impact, and GAM Impact
    • Several UI improvements and stability improvements
  • Cloud Tools (IDE)
    • Several stability improvements
    • Border cases related to connect & disconnect options

Important note: GeneXus X Evolution 3 Upgrade 12 (build >=109741) and GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 (build >= 109465) fix several issues related to reorganizations. This improves GeneXus Cloud's stability too. 

December 3rd, 2016, GXcloud version 1.8 (GXcloud Tools

September 21st, 2016. GXcloud version 1.7 (GXcloud Tools 1.4.0174)

  • Backup of GXflow and GAM databases in deployment time
  • Cloud Manager Console improvements (bug fixes and UX improvements)
  • Cloud Tools (IDE)
    • User Credentials are remembered during IDE's session
    • Links to manager and application in Preferences
    • Output improved

September 8th, 2016. GXcloud version 1.6

  • Stability Improvements
  • Cloud Manager Console improved

June 2nd, 2016. GXcloud version 1.4

  • Better integration IDE - Cloud Deployments
  • Cloud User Management
  • Target websites registration
  • Deployment Robustness improved

More information at at GXcloud version 1.4

April 11th, 2016. GXcloud version 1.3

  • Multiple applications can point to a single database
  • Backups can be stored in User's AWS S3 account
  • Data privacy improved
  • Cloud Support email defined: gxcloud@genexus.com

More information at at GXcloud version 1.3

February, 2016. GXcloud version 1.2

  • GAM 4.0 support added (For GeneXus Salto beta)
  • Deployment of Java environments with GXflow

January, 2016. GXcloud version 1.1

  • AWS RDS support added
  • Download binaries deployed to production 
  • Download database backups

September 2016: GXcloud 1.0 

The first version supported already the following

  • Provisioning: Preparation of IaaS instances in Amazon AWS, IBM Softlayer, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure, Montevideo COMM
  • Automatic Deployment to any IaaS (including yours) from KB/ Environments with some of the following characteristics
    • Deployment of Java / MySQL and .NET/SQL Server environments
    • Deployment of environments with or without REST Services (i.e. creation of multiple virtual directories - one Main and another for the REST Services)
    • Deployment of Environments with GAM
    • Deployments of .NET Environments with GXflow

Applications get deployed using the GeneXus IDE (F6 function key) or MSbuild tasks (for deployment automation)

  • Deployment Management & Traceability
    • History of Deployments
    • Revert of already deployed version
    • Deployments Diff
    • Deployments Log
    • Start & Stop of Web app/Virtual Directory
    • Databases catalog
    • Backup / Restore of databases
    • Scheduled backups
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