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On April 11th, 2016, updated components have been made available to provide new and enhanced deployment options. In addition, the service has also been improved.

Multiple applications with a single database

In these new scenarios, several applications share the same database (maintained by one of them). This mechanism is enabled with the property Reorganize Server Tables, as explained in this document.

Backups in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon Web Services users may store the backups made by GeneXus Cloud in their own Amazon S3 accounts. This provides them with more flexibility and security.

Data privacy

Access restrictions to backup files can be created by configuring special permissions. In this way, some people can be authorized to make deployments without necessarily granting them access to the deployed application data.

Controls to avoid setbacks

When a new application is deployed, its compatibility with the target environment is checked so as to prevent troublesome errors.

New centralized email address for GeneXus Cloud Support

We highly value close customer relationships, as well as customized and professional service. As part of this approach, we will be receiving all your support queries at this address: gxcloud@genexus.com.

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