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The GeneXus 15 Java generated applications, run on Tomcat 9.

Software Requirements

  • Java 8 or higher

Details on the implementation

At development time

Use annotations for servlet definition property must be set to Yes, at prototyping time. 

For optimization purposes (reducing annotation searches during application deployment), content similar to the following is automatically added to the context.xml file:

<Context reloadable="true" privileged="true">
    <JarScanner><JarScanFilter pluggabilitySkip="*" tldSkip="*" pluggabilityScan="GXWebSocket.jar"/></JarScanner>

Reference here.

Note: For Tomcat 8, the same entry is included in the context.xml file. In the case of Tomcat 7, the GXJarScanner is used.

At production time

When taken to production, build the deployment package using the Application Deployment tool. In that case, it isn't necessary to generate annotated servlets, so it isn't mandatory to generate using Use annotations for servlet definition property = Yes. The reason is that the descriptor file (web.xml) declares all the servlets explicitly.

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