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After the configuration of GeneXus Cloud Unit, you need to add it to your cloud.

      1. Go to https://cloudmanager.genexus.com , on the tab Targets click on Add New

      2. Fill in the Name and Description of the Unit, and select the tipe of environment you will be deploying. If you deploy on:

  1. Windows: select one starting with ASP .NET, and choose which DBMS you would use.
  2. Linux: select the one starting with Java Tomcat


       3. Fill in the Domain, IP and provider:


        4. Fill in the database connection data:


      For Private Name, you need to fill in the domain which the web application can connect. If the DBMs is on a different machine, you need to fill in the public domain of the DMBs:



After all information is ingresed, click on Add and wait. If the validation is success, the new unit is added to your cloud and you are able to deploy new applications on it. If not, verify the messages and try again.


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