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Execution Type

The purpose of this property is to set an execution option of the diversity offers by iOS. Learn more.

Value Description
Simulator (Mac) Runs the application on a Simulator in the Mac computer.
iOS Device (Mac) Runs the application on a physical device connected on the Mac computer.
iTunes Sync (Local) (*) Compiles de application on the Mac computer, transfers the *.ipa file generated  to the local computer and open iTunes in order to sync with some pysical device connected.
Build IPA (Local) (*) Same process described above but not open iTunes, only copy the *.ipa generated file.
Build for Distribution (Local) (*) Compiles the application on a Mac computer using the distribution signature in order to generate an *.zip file in the GeneXus model directory.
Knowledge Base (Device) - Default Allows running the application in a physical device with KBN installed using the Service URL.

(*Deprecated as from GeneXus 15 Upgrade 1.


Only available when Execution Type property is set in Simulator.
There are several ways to prototype an application depending on the device hardware features.
As a developer only need to indicate which device you want to run your application.

iPhone Retina (3.5-inch)
iPhone Retina (4-inch)
iPhone Retina (4-inch 64-bits)
iPhone Retina (4.7-inch 64-bits) - Default
iPhone Retina HD (5.5-inch 64-bits)
iPad Retina
iPad Retina (64-bits)

Simulator SDK

Specifies which SDK the developers prefer to build their iOS application.
It is recommendable not change the default value.

Value Description
8.0 Valid until iOS 8.0
Latest - Default Valid until the latest version of iOS (*)

Note: (*) August 9th, 2016 - 9.1 

Mac Host, Mac User & Mac Password

Mac Host Your Mac computer name (computer name property on the Remote Login settings) or its IP address.
Mac User User to connect the Windows computer to the Mac computer (allowed previously on the Remote Login settings settings).
Mac Password Mac user password.

Swift generator

Only for advanced users.


Custom name for the generator. By default is "Swift".


Data Access Information


This set of properties is available as from GeneXus 15
It might be differences in previous versions.

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