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Sometimes you deployed all well, but for some reason you want to restore a previous one (e.g: some feature didn't work as expected). In that case the fast track to restore the previous version is to restore it using the GeneXus Cloud Deployment Services.

To Restore a version of your application open the GXcloud Manager Console, select a Deployment Unit of your application, click on the 'History' button to get its history. Then select a version and clic on the 'Restore' button




If a Reorganization happened between the active Deployment and the version you want to restore, you won't be allowed to restore. An error message will be displayed: "Error (231): Application reorg is needed." The solution, in that case, is to go GeneXus and do the required change (e.g. fix the feature or revert it to the previous state), then build, test and deploy as usual a new version with the changes you want.


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