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If you need to connect to an Amazon RDS DBMS, you have to create a rule on the security group associated. If you dont have a fixed IP, you need to do this every time you want to connect to this DBMS.

The steps are:

  1. Go to AWS Console
  2. Log in with your AWS account
  3. Click on RDS
  4. Click on "Instances"
  5. Select the DBMS you need to connect, go to details and click on "Security Groups":i2017_04_25_13_26_371_png
  6. This will open a new tab, click on Inbound and on Edit.
  7. Click on Add Rule, Select type: MYSQL/Aurora (If you have a MySQL instance) or MS SQL (if you have a SQL Server instance)
  8. On Source, put the IP where you need to connect (if its your computer, select My IP)
  9. Click Save. 
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