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A task item represents an entity associated to the Knowledge Base for the GeneXus MSBuild tasks. You can use a list of KB task items as input or output parameters. Each item specification must detail the object type and the fully qualified object name; separated by ":". The syntax is detailed as follows:

<ListSpecification> ::= <ObjectsSpecification> [";" <ListSpecification>]
<ObjectsSpecification> ::= [<ObjectType> ":"] <ObjectName>

for example



  • The specification is case insensitive.
  • When the type is not detailed; it will search for an object within the associated object namespace (Transaction, Procedure, WebPanel, and so on).
  • For those KB entities not associated to an object namespace (Environment, Attributes, Domains); the type is mandatory.
  • To set version properties; use "Version Properties:" or "Version Properties:Version Properties".

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