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Opens the Knowledge Base in the specified directory.


<Output TaskParameter="TaskOutput" PropertyName="OpenOutput" />


Directory: $(KBDirectory) is the directory (absolute or relative) where the Knowledge Base is located. REQUIRED (unless you use MDFPath; see below)

MDFPath: Instead of using Directory, you can use this to choose an mdf to open (instead of the .gxw file).

TargetModelId: $(ModelId) is the ID of the Target model when working in a Version different than the Trunk Version. This parameter is optional, it is recommended to use the tasks SetActiveVersion and SetActiveEnvironment to position on the required version and environment.

DatabaseUser: user name to use when not using IntegratedSecurity . 

DatabasePassword: password to use when not using IntegratedSecurity.

CaptureOutput (1): captures the Task Output on the OpenOutput variable when enabled.


Open a Knowledge Base in directory C:\MyKnowledgeBases using Integrated Security.

<OpenKnowledgeBase Directory="C:\MyKnowledgeBases" />


Open a Knowledge Base in directory C:\MyKnowledgeBases using SQLServer Authentication

<OpenKnowledgeBase Directory="C:\MyKnowledgeBases" DatabaseUser="sa" DatabasePassword="saPassword" />

1 - Option supported since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 5

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