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The DeepLink external object helps you manually manage deep linking on your applications.

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Handle event

Every link whose base is given by the Deep Link Base URL property will be captured by this event when the device tries to open it. When the event is triggered, it receives a URI and you as a developer must advice when the processing has been handling successful. This action is done by setting an output parameter to True (by default is False) before calling the appropriate panel.

Input Uri:URL
Output  Handled:Boolean


Suppose you have an e-commerce website and you are developing the mobile app. It is desirable that the end user will be able to view products on the app when it receives a URL of the website (e.g. by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or another third-party resource). Also, you want to handle such request for processing or register other information. In such case, in the Smart Device's Main object (which has Deep Link Base URL property set), you must write the following event.

Event DeepLink.Handle( &URL, &IsHandled )
      // Suppose that our website handles URIs such
      if &URL.ToLower().StartsWith("")
      and &URL.Contains("viewproduct") 
         &Index = &URL.indexof( "?" )+1
         &Query = &URL.Substring( &Index)
         &ProductId = &Query.Trim().ToNumeric()
         &IsHandled = True 

Note how the code is written. First, we must ensure that the request is made to the desired domain (because we can handle a set of different URIs) and then we identify which content has been requested (in our case, "viewproduct"). The following lines parse the parameters in the query (the ProductId), set the process as handled and finally call the Smart Device Panel which knows how to process the request. 


  • This external object must be used only in the Smart Devices Main object.
  • A call for a panel which serves a deep link follows the CallOptions set.
  • When the Handled out parameter is set to True, won't trigger the automatic deep linking mechanism.
  • For parsing multiple parameters, the following code might be helpful.
    • Nominated scenario (i.e. &Query.Contains("&") condition is satisfied)
      for &Parm in &Query.SplitRegEx("&") // Paramters are separated by ampersand as key=value
          &i   = &Parm.IndexOf("=")
          &Key = &Parm.Substring(1,&i-1)
          &Val = &Parm.Substring(&i+1)
          do Case
              case &Key = "parm1"
                  &parm1 = transform1(&Val)
              case &Key = "parm2"
                  &parm2 = transform2(&Val)
    • Positioned scenario 
      &i = 1
      for &Parm in &Query.SplitRegEx(",") // Paramters are separated by comma
          do Case
              case &i = 1
                  &parm1 = transform1(&Parm)
              case &i = 2
                  &parm2 = transform2(&Parm)
          &i += 1
    For both cases, transformoperation will transform a string value to the appropriate parmi  data type.
    For example, If parm1:Numeric(4.0) and parm2:VarChar(40), the transform operations could be:
    - &parm1 = &str.Trim().ToNumeric()
    - &parm2 = &str.Replace("%20"," ") 


This external object is available as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 6.


Platforms  Smart Devices (iOS, Android)

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