GeneXus Web Updates Log

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October 2021

  • Beta stage announced at GeneXus Live
  • Beta testing is available at for members of the GeneXus Beta Channel
  • Support for
    • Building and prototyping the core
      • Transactions
      • Patterns for Web and Smart Devices
      • Web Panels & Panels
    • Build Web apps (.NET Framework. .NET 5, Java)
    • Build Native Apps
      • iOS - via KBN
      • Android (.apk generated on cloud)
      • Live Editing
    • BPM
      • Create, update, commit, build BPM diagrams & Inbox-driven applications (GXflow)
    • Team Development
      • Send KB / Create KB from Server for listed public GXservers
      • Commit / Update
    • DesignOps and Design modeling
      • Import from Sketch
      • Design System Object