HowTo: Register an application in Alipay developer site

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To integrate Alipay payment into a mobile application, a registration process must be previously performed.

Step 1 - Login

Go to Alipay Developer Site, enter your user credentials and log in.
Alipay - Step1 - Login

Step 2 - Go to Developer Center

Alipay - Step2 - GoToDeveloperCenter

Step 3 - Create a new application

In the Developer Center dashboard, the application list is displayed, showing the status of each one. Also, new applications can be created.
Alipay - Step3 - CreateApplication

Enter application name and type.
Alipay - Step4 - EnterAppInfo

Step 4 - Get application credentials

Once the new application is created, you can get the application ID. Later on, you will need this ID to add it to the configuration file to be used by the GeneXus application.
Alipay - Step4 - AppID

Also, a public key for the application must be created and set in the application configuration in Alipay Developer Site. 
Alipay provides a tool to generate the applications keys (private and public). In this page, the tool can be downloaded and the process is explained (site in Chinese).
Once the keys are created, the public key needs to be set in the application configuration (see picture below). Next, using the private key you need to create a pfx file to be used later when making the integration in GeneXus.
Alipay - Step4 - AppKeys

Step 5 - Wait for application review

The application's registration has been completed, but you need to wait for a review process from the Alipay team. At this point, you can start developing the integration in GeneXus; however, at execution time, the application will not complete the entire payment cycle. When the application gets the "online" status, the registration is completed.