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GeneXus is a development tool that provides a substantial productivity increase in the building and maintenance of IT solutions. 

This is achieved by isolating the developer from the programming layer as much as possible, and keeping him at "business analyst" level (External Model). The development task consists of defining a group of business specifications and rules within a knowledge base framework; also, there is a generation process that implements the application corresponding to this knowledge in different platforms and architectures, generating 100% of the application (programs, database and installers).
Among other things, this makes incremental development possible; the new specifications and rules automatically impact the older ones, thus keeping the solution integrity. It also allows implementing solutions in architectures and platforms that the developer does not know in depth. 
This also allows for a substantial cost reduction when changing platforms or architectures, because you can implement the solution in different environments starting from essentially the same knowledge base.  
The above mentioned characteristics -incremental development while keeping the solution integrity and isolation from the programming layer- are key in a rapidly changing world that is constantly providing new platforms, solutions and challenges both in the technological and business areas.    
These changes cannot be made at a reasonable cost. What's more, the completion of large projects in a constantly changing reality faces both cost and feasibility issues.  
Holding on to a technology that has been outmatched by others will compromise the company business. If the company is a software house, it will hardly succeed with an obsolete technology; if a corporation adopts this technology, it will not add value to its business. Meanwhile, competitors will surely take advantage of it.
Often, this is not a question of up-to-datedness but of survival.    

A good solution must be both functionally complete and technologically up-to-date. 

GeneXus keeps in step with technology by releasing successive versions that include more power, features, platforms, etc.  
Therefore, adopting a new technology or platform may require a solution to be converted to a new GeneXus version.    
Sometimes, this conversion does not seek to take advantage of a technology, but to increase development productivity by applying new features or techniques. 
Lastly, in some cases there is no conversion (change of GeneXus version) and the upgrade is limited to a feature, characteristic or technology provided by the current version but not used by the developer.  
Each case is different. However, since GeneXus solutions are represented in a knowledge base, this conversion (change to a new version or technology) usually keeps costs low, unlike other tools where a conversion implies a reimplementation (reprogramming) of the entire solution.
To know more about the technical aspects of converting applications, read Conversion of GeneXus Application - Technical Guide
Artech aims at simplifying this process, not only by providing a development tool with the above mentioned characteristics but also by offering training, documentation, tools and specific guides. These resources, the Support Services and other resources of the GeneXus community are designed to help you complete a conversion project.   

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