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This page is about a sample KB that applies the Design System provided by the SemanticUI CSS Framework.

The KB introduces the concept of User Control object and allows for interaction with this type of GeneXus object. In addition, it offers a starting point to start using the Design System, with a number of UI resources containing many usability and design features to enhance the development of GeneXus applications.

Steps to obtain the KB

  1. First, download GeneXus Beta.
  2. Go to and download the corresponding zip file (section "Simpler Setup" --> Download Zip).
  3. In the GeneXus installation directory, create a new directory called "CSSLibraries" (use exactly this name) and move the zip file previously downloaded within it. Next, unzip the file and change the name of the decompressed directory to "SemanticUI" (check that the files are under this directory: SemanticUI --> all the files, and that there isn't an intermediate directory).
  4. In GeneXus: File > New > Knowledge Base from GeneXus Server; select the KB UC20SemanticUI from the GeneXus Server instance: ''. 
  5. Build All, Run, and enjoy :)

See the KB SemanticUI Design System in action!

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