GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: InstallationDocumentation

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Install GeneXus for SAP Systems

To install the Genexus SDK for SAP Leonardo you need to have previously installed GeneXus for SAP Systems

If you don't have GeneXus for SAP Systems installed, please visit the following links for further information


Get GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo

You have two option in order to obtain GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo:


Create KB from GeneXus Server with GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo

In GeneXus IDE, go to File/New/Knowledge base from GeneXus Server



Use this URL:


You will obtain a new KB with the module GeneXusSAPLeonardo.

Import GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo

Import SDK Module to your Knowledge Base using the Import feature in the Knowledge Manager menu option.


After you set the Import path where the downloaded .xpz file is stored, the objects in the file will load and the Import is ready to start.


After the Import process is finished your Knowledge Base should have the following GeneXus objects.


After importing you are ready to use this module! Please, refer to this article to see how to use it.