GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: FAQ

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Q: Can I use SAP Leonardo ML Foundation services(API) that are not included on GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo?

A: It is possible to use services that are not included on GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo, to do so follow the steps detailed on the GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: Importing a ML service article.


Q: Can I use retrained models in my Knowledge Base on GeneXus? What about training my model?

A: You can achieve both using GeneXus.

  • The process to use retrained models it completely analog to using pre-trained models. The only differences are that the service URL would be different. Also, the authentication method would be OAuth 2.0 instead of using the APIKey.
  • You to train models from GeneXus. To do this, SAP Leonardo provides an API that allows this task. 

For information about this read GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: Retraining a model to use in a ML service