GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: Image Feature Extraction

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The Image Feature Extraction service(API) allows you to extract feature vectors for any given image for comparison, information retrieval, clustering, or further processing.

How to use the Image Feature Extraction API

To use this API you have to use the POSTInferenceSync procedure



  • &File: is the file to be analyzed.
    • Archive file: zip, tar, gz, tgz.
    • Image file: jpg, jpe, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff.
  • &Authorization: is the OAuth2 token to be used for Authentication if needed.
  • &Oauth2_ClientCredentials
  • &ResponseOK:  is a Structured Data Type(SDT) that contains the result if no errors are found.
  • &ResponseError: is a SDT that contains the error code, the error message, and some details if an error was found.
  • &Messages: is a Message that contains information about the request.
  • &IsSuccess: is a Boolean that is true if no errors were encountered.


If you have your own trained model you can use the POSTInferenceSyncPrivateModel



  • &ModelName: is the name of the trained model.
  • &Version

And the other variables are the same as the ones of POSTInferenceSync.


&ResponseOK SDT Composition


&ResponseError SDT composition



Read more about the Image Feature Extraction API.