GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: Language Detection

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The Language Detection service(API) allows you to detect the language of any given string of text data.

How to use the Language Detection API

To use the Language Detection API you have to use PostUsingPOST procedure.

GeneXusSAPLeonardo.LanguageDetection.PostUsingPOST(&textToTranslate, &CustomDetectedLanguage, &Message, &IsSuccess)


  • &textToTranslate: is a Structured Data Type(SDT) that contains the text for which the language needs to be detected.
  • &CustomDetectedLanguage: is a SDT that contains the detected language code and string and also the confidence if no errors were found.
  • &Message: is a Message that contains information about the request.
  • &IsSuccess: is a Boolean that is true if no errors were encountered.


&textToTranslateSDT Composition


&CustomDetectedLanguage SDT Composition


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