GeneXus SDK for SAP Leonardo: Translation

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The Translation service (API) allows you to translate multiple translation units from a source language into multiple target languages.

How to use the Translation API

To use the Translation API you have to use the Translation Procedure

GeneXusSAPLeonardo.Translation.Translation(&body, &TranslationResult, &Message, &IsSuccess)


  • &body: is a Structured Data Type(SDT) that contains:
    • The source language of the text to be translated
    • A collection of target languages.
    • A collection of texts to be translated
  • &TranslationResult: is a SDT that contains:
    • A collection of translated texts.
  • &Message: is a Message that contains information about the request.
  • &IsSuccess: is a Boolean that is true if no errors were encountered.


&body SDT composition


TextTranslationRequest SDT composition


&TranslationResult SDT composition


TextTranslationResult SDT composition


TextTranslationTranslation SDT composition



Read more about the Translation API.