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The creation of GeneXus user groups, which are started and managed by GeneXus community members, is supported by GeneXus SA in order to strengthen and integrate the GeneXus community.

Groups meet several times a year to network and attend technology sessions. In sum, they are technical and social meetings to get to know other members and support each other, as well as to obtain tools to be more effective in daily tasks.

Each group has its regional mission and vision, but they all share the following statements:


To hold technical and networking meetings periodically, with sessions on GeneXus and related technologies to integrate and improve members' skills. Integrate new GeneXus users to the community and their regional group. Participate in local forums to support each other in daily tasks, as well as spread and standardize knowledge among members to create synergy. Share experiences with other GeneXus user groups to help them be successful and achieve integration.


To be an example of unity among technological communities, and a primary source of knowledge on GeneXus technology and the development of mission-critical software.

You're Invited

There are great benefits in these user groups; for this reason, GeneXus SA strives to give every community member the opportunity to belong to a user group.

If you can't find a user group in your area, start one! To do so, contact Armin Bachmann (

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