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Progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application. They combine the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native application.

Their main aim is reaching more clients by giving them a deeply engaging user experience when they land in the web site.

In fact, PWAs allow getting a native-like experience from the web.

Features of a PWA

Progressive Web Apps are installable and live on the user's home screen, without the need for an app store.

The main feature of Progressive Web Apps are:


  • Load instantly and never show the "downasaur" (meaning unable to connect to the internet), even in uncertain network conditions.
    When launched from the user’s home screen, service workers enable a Progressive Web App to load instantly, regardless of the network state.


  • Respond quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling.


  • Feel like a natural app on the device, with immersive user experience.
    For this feature, PWAs have a web app manifest file which tells the browser about the web application and how it should behave when 'installed' on the user's mobile device or desktop. Having a manifest is required by Chrome to show the Add to Home Screen prompt.


The following is a PWA application. Note that you have the option to install the application locally.


After having installed it, the application can be accessed directly from the Application Chrome menu (and a shortcut is created):


It will be launched as follows (without a navigation bar):


Temporary Limitations


This feature is available since GeneXus 16 upgrade 5.

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