GXflow Maintenance Script

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The purpose of the Maintenance Script is to clean records that can accumulate by millions and that over time cease to be relevant. One of the cases is from the WFSessions table that stores the user sessions.


The way to run the maintenance program is as follows:

  • NET

Execute the file apwfmaintenance.exe from a command line (Start - Run - cmd), for example:

C:\Models\<KB>\CSharpModel\Web\bin> apwfmaintenance.exe
  • Java

Execute the following command from a command line (Start - Run - cmd):

java -cp "classpath" com.gxflow.apwfmaintenance


..\<application>\WEB-INF\classes>java -cp "..\com\gxflow";.;"..\lib\*"; com.gxflow.apwfmaintenance


The program should be executed on a daily basis, on moments of lower activity.

It is recommended to run the program automatically using a Task Scheduler.


This feature is available since  GeneXus 16 upgrade 4.

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