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When your end user experiences an application crash in a production environment, it is not always easy to reproduce the problem and find a solution.

Sometimes it is useful to get a crash log to obtain more detailed information.

To get the crash log

If you have access to the device, you can get the logs via Xcode. Connect the device to your Mac computer, open Xcode and then go to Window > Devices and Simulators, select the device and then View Device Logs. In the list of crash logs select those that correspond to your application and export them.

If you don't have access to the device, your user can get the logs by opening the Settings app in the device, and then going to Privacy > Analytics > Analitycs Data. There, locate the logs corresponding to your application and share them via mail or some other sharing option like AirDrop.

To get useful information from that log

Once you have the crash log, you need to re-symbolicate it to be able to find out where the crash occured.

To do that, follow Apple's guide: Symbolicating Crash Reports.

Reporting the problem

If you need to contact support regarding the crash log, please send the re-symbolicated log along with the source file where the crash occurs and an export of the GeneXus objects involved.


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