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GXtest has some properties that can be used to customize how GXtest uses resources in GeneXus.
The file is Abstracta.GXtest.BL.dll.config and can be found in <GeneXusProgramDir>/Packages/. In case you want to edit its values, you must restart the IDE so that the changes take effect.

These properties are:

  • version: used to check if UITestSD external object must be updated
  • UITestSD: the path to XPZ file that contains external object needed to execute UI tests for mobile applications
  • testResultFileName: name for XML file that GXtest reads to show execution results.
  • executionDataFileName: name for JSON file used by GXtest as execution parameter to runner object
  • exportTestResultsTemplate: Path to HTML template report to be used when using the feature Export Results in the Test Results window
  • gxtestModuleVersion: GXtest module version to use for this extension in this GeneXus installation (available since GXtest for GX16 U8). It uses the latest by default
  • gxtestModuleId: GXtest module identifier
  • applicationsRegistryKey: registry keys to search installed applications
  • browsersMainRegistryKey: registry key to search for installed browsers
  • browsersSecondaryRegistryKey: secondary registry key to search for installed browsers
  • recorderExtensionURL: GXtest Recorder chrome extension URL to launch when using Recorder-IDE integration feature
  • recorderHomeURL: home URL to navigate when launching the GXtest Recorder using Google Chrome
  • recorderToken: token used to detect that the new script was sent from the GXtest Recorder to the GeneXus IDE


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