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The following list shows the nfo messages that can be displayed at Specification time.

Code Message
nfo0001 This object has client-side events only, no data providers will be generated.
  Indicates that the panel has no events to evaluate on the server and therefore it does not require generating a Data Provider to load data.
nfo0002 This step will be executed after reorganization of ''%1'' is completed.
  When the reorganization of a table requires two steps, this message is shown in the second step to indicate which table must be previously reorganized to perform it. For example, when a reorganization swaps the name of two tables.
nfo0003 The reorganization for this table makes the schema not backward compatible.
  Notifies whether a certain database reorganization may cause the current programs to be incompatible with the new DB schema. Read more in Scenario of backward compatible reorganizations.
nfo0004 '%1 was associated to Data view %2.'
  Notifies in the IAR that a table that was previously associated with a Data View is no longer associated with it. 
This occurs either when you implicitly remove the table from the Data View's Associated table property (in Data Views) or if you change the composition of the primary key for that Table.
nfo0005 This table is reorganized using a conversion program.
  Indicates that a table needs to be reorganized, and this reorganization involves the use of a conversion program (creation of temporary tables).


Information messages have been available since GeneXus 16 upgrade 10.

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