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The following table shows the supported browsers by generator type:

Browser .NET Framework .NET Java
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Yes Yes Yes
Edge Legacy Yes Yes Yes
Edge (Chromium) Yes Yes Yes

Compatibility issues

GXtest releases its versions being compatible with the latest browsers at the time that the release was made. So, it is possible that if you are not using the latest GXtest version, you get a compatibility error.

Typically this happens with Google Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers.

In this case, what you have to do is:

1. Download the proper Chromedriver for your Chrome version from For Chromedriver versions 115 and up, visit to get endpoint URLs to download the appropriate Chromedriver.

2. Extract the content of the downloaded file and copy the chromedriver.exe file 

3. Paste the file in <GX_PROGRAM_DIR>/Packages/GXtestFiles/UIObjects/

That's it! The next time you run the test, it will be working again.

Other browsers

In case you are having compatibility trouble with another browser, you can follow the same procedure.

Edge and Edge Legacy drivers' site:

Firefox driver site:

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