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In GeneXus 17, Continuous Integration capabilities built-in GeneXus y GeneXus Server were released.

This tip is a guide on how to catalog a Genexus version to be used by GeneXus Server in a continuous integration pipeline:

Step 1: Edit the jenkins.config file located in  <GXserver installation directory>\VDir\BinGenexus\Packages\ContinuousIntegration\jenkins.config, adding to the existing versions the name you want to give it.

Example: add the version "GX17 GXMeeting"

               <genexus url="http://localhost:8080/" name="GX17" />
               <genexus url="http://localhost:8080/" name="GX17 Release" />
               <genexus url="http://localhost:8080/" name="GX17 GXMeeting" />

Important: if jenkins URL is set with final slash (e.g. http://localhost:8080/) then Genexus catalogued version must included it too (e.g. <genexus url="http://localhost:8080/" name="GX17" />). If Jenkins URL does not include final slash, Genexus catalogued version either. Otherwise: available Genexus versions (combo) will not display correctly catalogued Genexus versions.

Step 2: Catalog that version on the Jenkins server.

For this, go to Manage Jenkins / Global Tools Configuration (eg: http: // localhost: 8080 / configureTools /) and add a GeneXus version with the same name that was used in jenkins.config (eg: "GX17 GXMeeting") and the path to it:



Step 3: Restart the IIS GeneXus Server pool.

Continuous Integration


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