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Below are the different kinds of messages that can appear as a result of different actions using GeneXus:

SRC Messages

They are messages related to source validation (e.g. Procedure Sources, Object events, Global Formulas, etc.) that can appear when you try to save an object.

PMM Messages

Packaged Module Management (PMM) messages can appear to notify warnings or errors related to the packaged Modules.

RGZ Messages

They can be displayed in the Impact Analysis during the specification of Reorganization programs.

RGO Messages

They can be shown in the Impact Analysis to warn you that some actions over the data must be done to accomplish a successful reorganization.

SPC Messages

They are either warning or error messages that can appear during Program Specification
If they are error messages, you have to solve them to continue. On the other hand, if they are warning messages, you should pay attention to them and analyze whether they are problems that you have to solve or you can ignore them because they don't affect the correct functionality of the application. In your Knowledge Base you can define a warning to become an error (by mentioning it in the Warnings treated as errors property) or be ignored (by mentioning it in the Disabled warnings property) at specification time.

NFO Messages

They provide extra information during Program Specification.
You can decide to ignore some of them (by mentioning the message codes in the Disabled warnings property), leave them as information messages, or promote them as errors (by mentioning the message codes in the Warnings treated as errors property).
For example, nfo0003 informs you that the reorganization is not backward compatible. If the application requires the database to be backward compatible, then nfo0003 will be promoted to an error so that the reorganization cannot be done if it is not backward compatible. On the other hand, if you don't require your application database to be backward compatible, you could reference the nfo0003 in the Disabled warnings property so that it doesn't appear anymore.

GTM Messages

GeneXus Task MSBuild Messages (GTM) refers to messages generated by MSBuild Tasks during the compilation process.

MTD Messages

MeTaData Messages (MTD) refers to messages related to project metadata. They can appear when generating metadata files.

Output message types

Coded messages can be:

1. Error: the message is reporting an error that must be fixed.

2. Warning: the executing action will be finished successfully but some issues should be attended to.

3. Verbose information: message codes are not shown on verbose messages.

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